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About pitch-based carbon fibers

Application of carbon fiber is expanded by its unique properties.
The features and applications of Carbon Fiber are introduced in this section.

Pitch Based Carbon fiber is light and stiff material

A Carbon Fiber is a fibrous carbon material made by Acrylic material or from oil/coal pitch and then by being given a heat treatment.
The most attractive reason to use carbon fiber is light weight and higher stiffness than conventional metal materials.
The specific gravity of carbon fiber is about one fourth of steel. The specific modulus, a value of modulus / gravity, of carbon fiber is about seven times higher than that of steel.
NIPPON GRAPHITE FIBER is leading manufacture of Pitch Based Carbon Fiber.
(C) JAXA Artificial satellite
Pitch Based Carbon Fiber
Row material of Pitch based CF is coal pitch which is bi-products from oil and coke process.
Various types of fiber can be made from pitch based material. And pitch based carbon fibers have wide range of modulus, other functional properties.

●Typical applications

Satellite, sport, industry, civil engineering and construction and thermal management.

Application of GRANOC

Pitch based carbon fiber : unique properties in thermal, electrical and stability

Apart from light and stiff, Pitch Based Carbon Fiber have other unique properties, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and low friction.
Light and stiff   Low thermal expansion   High thermal conductivity   Electrical conductivity EMI shielding
  Better vibration damping   Environment   High impact resistance