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Q 1 Why is Carbon Fiber light weight and strong?

A 1 Carbon Fiber is 90% consist of carbon atoms which is the lightest out of all the metallic elements.  As you might know, for example, Diamond has very tough property compared to others which also is consist mostly of carbon atoms.  Graphite, such as Japanese Binchotan Charcole, activated carbon, is also a carbonium material. These material has tenderness and sliding properties. We can produce carbon fiber with different properties described above as your request.
Q 2 What are the differences between Carbon Fiber and other carbon materials such as  Charcole and graphite?

A 2

Their structual order and array elememts are significantly different.  For example, carbon atoms are arranged in order to the fiber axial direction which forms a mesh pattern and are multiplely layered and interwinded together for Carbon Fiber.  On the other hand, charcole is easily breakable because the layer structure is amorphous and has less structural order and less strong interwindness. A Graphite is the material of which graphite structure is highly developed in order.

Q 3 What is Carbon Fiber made out of?

A 3 There are mainly two types of Raw Material for carbon fiber. The one is "Polyacrylonitrile" which can be used for clothing, and another is "Pitch" which is generated from heavy component of oil or dry distillation of charcoal. GRANOC is one of the "Pitch" based carbon fibers which only three company in the world could produce.  
Q 4 About exporting Carbon Fiber, Prepreg Sheet, or CFRP products.

A 4

Carbon Fiber, Prepreg Sheet, or CFRP products are subject for "An Export Trade Control Ordinance" and prior approval from "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" is necessary.  If you are not from countries listed below, please contact us for more detail.


List of Countries

Argentina、Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Luxembourg, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, Polland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, England, United States of America.  

Q 5 How to handle Carbon Fiber

A 5 Please refer to the MSDS.
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