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GRANOC high modulus carbon fibers have been widely used for light and stiff components to replace the heavy conventional one.

Vibration damping, low thermal expansion are also advantages of pitch based carbon fiber in industrial field.

GRANOC can be used in various process, prepreg, filament winding, pultrusion and weaving.

Roller is one of the most successful application for high modulus carbon fibers.
Roller made from high modulus fiber is high stiffness with light weight. Its properties contributes to fast and precise operation.
The light weight in machine component is key factor to achieve higher productivity and shorter cycle times. It also contributes to energy saving.

Low thermal expansion of pitch based CF contribute to minimizing dimensional change while operation.

Robot arm
The requirement of light weight and stiffness is increasing in robot arm due to producing larger panel.

High modulus carbon fiber is a material solution to support precise operation.

Civil engineering and construction
High modulus fiber has been used in reinforcing and repairing concrete member and for steel structure.
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