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Thermal Management

Carbon fiber is very thin fiber (10 micron in diameter). Pitch based carbon can be mixed with any type of plastic and elastomer as thermal conductive filler.

The requirement of thermal management has been increasing from satellite to electronic device. 

Thermal conductive sheet
Thermal conductive sheet is required to convey the heat generated by IC chips to heat sink.
GRANOC chopped and milled fiber can be dispersed to matrix to increase thermal conductivity.
High thermal conductive compound
Requirements of thermal management is increasing by a technological advance of the recent electronic device.

GRANOC high thermal conductive milled fiber, HC-600 (600W/mk) , is a material solution to increase thermal conductivity.

Slide member / Low friction
Carbon fiber made from Coal tar has well graphitized structure.
Pitch based carbon fiber shows good friction property like a graphite. It is used as a filler to increase friction and also to C/C brake by its friction and thermal property.
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